About me

My name is Dora and I'm an English teacher from Rijeka, Croatia. I used to teach adults, but now I teach young learners at an elementary school and teenagers at a vocational high-school. There's a big age difference between the students I teach, which has been tough, but the perk of it is I learned a lot. Especially from the shorter ones. ;) As I'm not fed up with learning yet, I have also become an MA student.

I've revived this blog because the good people working on the Comenius Lifelong Learning programme decided my application was good enough to send me to UK to learn a little more. I promised them I would help others learn as well and this blog is all about that.

And then I figured I love blogging too much to stop so this blog continues to live on.

This is where I went.
This is my other blog at the TeachingEnglish website.

Sometimes I take photos which don't turn out too bad, so most of the photos you'll see here are mine.

Feel free to leave a comment and make this blog that much richer.
Happy reading!

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