Wednesday, 15 August 2012

The way we learn...

I've been reading and attending workshops on learning styles, but no test helped me understand how I learn until Marie made us do some activities... How very kinaesthetic of me - I needed to experience my learning style to uncover it, and as usual, I'd like to help everyone do the same. So this morning I came across a wonderful infographic on CristinaSkyBox blog. The visuals will love it ;), others might find it helpful.

 What Type of Learner Are You?
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The thing about learning your own learning style is becoming aware of how you teach and how you can relate to some students better and some students not so well. I wish I knew more about it as a kid, because I'd stop making myself sit down and learn for hours - I just don't fit into that group and I'm not a bad learner, I've always done well in class. So, when you can, help your students reflect on how they did an activity, what they found easy or difficult. It may seem like too much fuss at first, BUT! it may make your life much easier with time.
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