Saturday, 13 October 2012

School as a safe base (HUPE Rijeka branch talk Prezi)

Today I gave the second of the three planned talks about what we did during the Difficult Learners course. It was a small gathering of enthusiasts of all ages and levels of experience and hopefully they enjoyed it as much as I did. Here's the Prezi I prepared - it was put together with a lot of effort and care. It also finally, covers everything about the attachment theory and its significance in the classroom environment.


  1. I loved your Prezi. I can see you put a lot of effort and care in it - it makes it easy to see your points even for us who did not hear your talk.It is also visually very attractive.

    Did you plan your talks for HUPE Rijeka only or we are going to see/hear you in Zagreb, too? That would be great!

  2. Thank you Sanja for the kind words!! I really did do a lot of work on it and tried to make it as appealing as possible - the subject matter is very important to me. I haven't planned my talk for anywhere outside Rijeka, but if HUPE Zagreb would have me, I'd love to come. :)))))