Wednesday, 14 November 2012


It's November and the time of colds and flu has begun a long time ago. With it, many of us have lost our voice - and it is one of the most important teaching tools (unless you're a proponent of the Silent Way ;)).
So here I'm re-posting a slightly revised Blogathon post on voice care. I know it'll come in useful.

Here are some tips in voice care a doctor and a speech therapist from my county gave us teachers in a lecture (combined with some useful links I’ve found):


  • Rest your voice ( if you’ve been using it for 4 hours, you need to rest it for one hour)
  • Drink water or juice in regular intervals during the day
  • Learn how to do breathing exercises
  • Stretch your neck and shoulders
  • Warm your voice up before work - here are some Wise Warm-Ups you could use.
  • Sleep 
  • Get your student’s attention with a gesture like raising your hands or by using spatial anchors. 
  • See your GP if you inexplicably lose your voice.
  • Read some general info on voice care here
  • Read some basics on how voice is produced.
  • Here are Top Tips for Voice Care.


  • Yell, whisper or imitate other peoples’ voices or sounds - or get training on how to do it safely.
  • Clear your throat by coughing.
  • Ingest anything too hot. 
  • Sing with a hoarse voice.
  • Eat 2-3 hours before sleeping: it causes acid reflux which can damage the vocal chords.
  • Try to outvoice a crowd.
  • Forget to sleep.

Do you maybe have any student activities to help teachers be quiet in case of sudden in-class loss of voice? Having a student assistant can be a lifesaver.

Hope I’ve helped.

Love to all,



Go easy on dairy products.

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