Sunday, 30 December 2012


When a baby comes to this world, they need someone to contain their feelings and name their needs so that they could, in time, do it for themselves. I don't really know at which point we're supposed to be fully equipped to name and identify everything we feel and need, but it happens for some sooner and for some later. And the truth is that for mountain chains of natural and human phenomena most adults have no idea what they really are and how to define them. Maybe the problem isn't solely in misunderstanding, but in the mode of expression as well: Some things cannot be said. Suzanne LaBarre, a senior editor at Co.Design, at the beginning of her article on philographics says:

It takes the Standford Encyclopedia of Philosophy 28,250 words to explain the woolly concept of relativism. It takes Genis Carreras 32 words and a single image.

So hereby I present to you Philographics and Philographics 2 by Genis Carreras. Maybe they'll make this world a little bit clearer before we embark on the journey called 2013. Clicking on the images below will take you to larger images on Carreras' website.

Love to all near and far,

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